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Where to find Lakeside Stable in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)
11:32 pm

Tears Of The Kingdom Lakeside StableThe open-world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of places for you to discover in it. Whether that’s little secrets from around Hyrule, to bustling towns full of people to interact and complete tasks for. You can spend hours in Hyrule just wandering around, finding new things to investigate and getting lost for an eternity. One of the things you can find in Hyrule is the many stables that are dotted around the map. Some of these can be pretty hard to find, with them being surrounded by mountains and various other terrain that can obscure the view of them from a distance. Here’s our guide on where to find Lakeside Stable in Tears of the Kingdom. Where is Lakeside Stable in Tears of the Kingdom Like every other one of the stables in Tears of the Kingdom, you can find Lakeside Stable at any point after you leave the Great Sky Island. You can find Lakeside Stable itself in the south of the map. It’s actually very close to another stable, that being the Highland S…


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Diablo 4 – How to Complete Keeping the Old Traditions
11:07 pm

Keeping the Old Traditions is a tricky side quest in Diablo 4, but this guide shows you the solution and shares what you need to do.


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Nintendo announces Everybody 1-2 Switch for the end of June
10:30 pm

Everybody 1-2 Switch

I love it when you 1-2 Switch

Nintendo dropped a bit of a surprise last night. Everybody 1-2 Switch, a follow-up to Switch launch title 1-2 Switch, is launching on June 30.

The listing popped up on the Nintendo eShop, prior to an official announcement on Twitter. It’s coming out digitally and physically on June 30 for $29.99.

According to the eShop description, you can use Joy-Con controllers or smart devices, with certain games only available in smart device mode.

As for what games you can play, there aren’t a ton of details. There’s everything from “balloons to aliens,” with a “mix” of games and modes. And also, whatever this horse-head guy is up to.

Players can split up into teams and compete, seeing who can win a certain number of games first. There are also some variations to add more challenge or rules, too.

Switching it up

While the actual announcement was a little out of the blue, we did hear about this sequel through a report last year. It was claimed to be in development, would include games like musical chairs and Bingo, and was also apparently not doing well in internal play-tests.

Now, at least, it seems like Nintendo is pushing this one out the door. Though it’s not really getting the pomp and circumstance you’d expect for a new release. Either way, looks like Switch parties will have something new to do at the end of the month.

It’s interesting that phones are playing a role too, as the original 1-2 Switch was a showcase for the Joy-Cons themselves. But at a lower price and with more readily available controllers than just Joy-Cons, we’ll see how this one fares on June 30.

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